Buhari’s daughter gets N47m customised bags in 30 exotic cars from billionaire’s son, Alhaji Indimi

Zahra Buhari, the popular 2zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi1-year-old daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari has received 30 customized Louis Vuitton from her would-be husband, Ahmed Indimi, son of the billionaire, Mohammed Indimi. A report by Daily Trust highlighted that the bags which are customised with her initials ZBI (Zahra Buhari Indimi) cost about £120, 000 (over N47m). The boxes were reportedly delivered in 30 exotic cars. The report further stated that the act is in line with cultural custom in Northern Nigeria as the would-be husband and his family are expected to send expensive gifts to their prospective in-laws. The tradition expects the groom family to buy boxes loaded with diamond and gold jewelry, designer shoes, bags, super wax, laces, perfumes among others for the bride. Zahra is expected to get married to Ahmed Indimi in a couple of weeks, having done the family introduction earlier this month. One of the Indimi sisters, Rahma Indimi has also shown excitement at the prospect of having Zahra as a sister-in-law. She wrote on her Instagram account, “I met this young girl many years ago and I was smitten by her cheekiness. Only years later down the line she is to become ours. My darling Zahra, you are an amazing young lady with so much to give. We have seen and conquered our mission. My prayer is for the two of you to have a beautiful marriage and life with plenty of little ‘rahma’s running around (hint hint? ) we are happy to have you as one of us. Good things are hard to get and the fight was worth it. We can’t wait #zahmed2016“ Zahra, the beauty and brain is a graduate of micro biology from the University of Surrey in England and also the ambassador for the SCAF, a foundation set on the initiative to arrest and minimize the case of sickle cell around the nation. Her husband-to-be, Ahmed indimi, is a good looking graduate of a prestigious university and currently the marketing director of Oriental energy resources and hails from Maiduguri.
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