Queen Tanimu Aduda; A Symbol Of Hope, Embodiment Of Beauty And Knowledge

Real models with aspirations are scarce! it is really an issue of great concern to many pageant organizers as the rate at which brainless and no vision models flood the pageant industry. It has become an issue of chopping and searching for reasonable, idealistic, visionary and bookish model who can pilot the affairs of a brand; developing the brand and promoting the society both at local and international level. Out of the scarcity of true and real models, Gt9ja News find a paragon of beauty, visionary beauty queen, an embodiment of ideas and symbol of hope to this generation and generations unborn, Her Majesty, Queen Tanimu Aduda. Her Majesty, Queen Tanimu Aduda Bail is the reigning queen of Miss Glamour Africa Queen 2016/2017. She was crowned on 24th December 2016 at Nicon Luxury hotels, Abuja, Nigeria. The 22-year-old articulate beauty queen is Gbagyi by tribe, from Abuja, federal capital territory of Nigeria. Her Majesty, Queen Tanimu Aduda bail is a 400 level student of ECWA Bingham University, Nasarawa State, where she studies Mass Communication. Speaking with Gt9ja News in an interview, Queen Tanimu said it has always be her ambition to help the less privilege. "I see lot of people suffering as a result of poverty. there is high rate of poverty in the country, many are living below 2 square meal a day, many can't even clothe themselves. They need us not because I am a beauty queen, every other person that also do the same. I have being helping people before I became a beauty queen and aspiration to become a beauty queen was as a result of, I was looking for better platform and more opportunities to do more for my people" Queen Tanimu said. Philanthropically, she is a dangerous giver. Her Majesty, Queen Tanimu Aduda bail cannot see someone suffering or lamenting for one thing or the other and passes him or her by. I am passionate to see people happy and smiling all the time. By the grace of God I have helped many in my own little way and I am asking God to bless me more and I shall always give back to the society. I communicate effectively with people...I am an active person, I also like to help the needy" She further stated. She described the organizers of Miss Glamour Queen Africa especially the project director, Mr Daniel Mensah as best people to work with. Stating that from her resumption of office, the organisers have brainstormed, came up with good ideas and very soon they shall be unveiled.

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