AN EVIL dad has blamed ghosts for cutting off his three-year-old stepdaughter’s ears in vicious attack.

Amrit Bahadur, 35, from Delhi, India, claimed a spirit had visited him in a dream and ordered him to make the youngster cry or she would die. Little Bina’s horrified mum, who believes his claims, found her covered in blood with Bahadur pressing the knife to her neck. Neighbours called the police who disarmed him and rushed the little girl to hospital, where surgeons managed to reattach her ears. Deputy Commissioner of Police Nupur Prasad said: “When our team entered the house, the man was about to slash the girl’s throat.” Bahadur had been drinking heavily and had passed out before the attack, according to local reports. Police believe he might have been hallucinating because of high alcohol consumption. Bahadur claimed he had only attacked Bina because ghosts said she would die if he did not. He told them: “So I chopped a bit of her ear. But they asked me to give them her entire ear. “So I sliced both her ears and kept them in a corner so that they could collect them.” Astonishingly Bina’s mother, who hasn’t been named in local media, supported her husband demanding his release after he was arrested on an attempted murder charge. She told police they should arrest the ghosts instead.(thesun.co.uk)

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