Chief Great Ogboru, the leader of the Light of Labour and a gubernatorial hopeful of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has dissociated himself from the list of committees set up by the embattled state chairman of the Delta APC, Prophet Jones Ode Erue, but the APC Chairman has appealed to him to reconsider his position.

According to Chief Ogboru, the modalities of constituting the various committees negates the resolution reached by the state leaders council, at the instance of the Hon. Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu. Chief Ogboru described the act as a breach of the peace accord reached by the various interest groups within the party. And as such does not want to be a party to such breach of an agreement that amounts to oppression on sections of the party, which could finally kill the little hope of peace being experienced in the party lately.

According to Chief Great Ogboru, party faithful from across the state have been calling him, expressing their concerns about the lopsidedness of the membership of the standing committees, accusing the Otega/Jones faction of not only  occupying most of the sensitive committees and positions such as the Chairmen and Secretaries,but also making up the bulk of the members of the different committees.

Chief Ogboru said he is fully in support of Chief Engr. Hyacinth Enuha’s position, calling for the suspension of the inauguration of all standing committees.

And that a meeting of the state leaders council be called to reconstitute those standing committees to be all inclusive and all embracing. He said equity and fairness must be the watchword of Delta APC, if a lasting peace is truly desired.  

According to chief Great Ogboru, for total and lasting peace to be achieved, certain terms and conditions must be met, which he enumerated as follows:

(1): For peace to thrive, injustice must be Eradicated completely, thus all suspended state party executives and LGA Executives must be recalled unconditionally as agreed by the leaders at the leaders council meeting, where the peace accord was reached. With a special reference to the State Organising Secretary, Sir A. S. Mene, the LGA Chairman of Ethiope East, Pastor Steve Eruotor and the LGA Chairman of Isoko South, Barr. Urete.

(2): All Standing Committees must be constituted fairly to embrace all interest blocks and the chairmen and secretaries be distributed fairly amongst the various interest groups, to avoid lopsidedness.

(3): That the Leaders Council should call on the National Leadership of the party to possibly call the State Chairman and his cohorts to order, for them to stop any further divisive action like this, that keeps dragging the party backward.


Chris Agaga.

Coordinator, Ogboru 2019

Meanwhile, The APC State Chairman has appealed to Chief Ogboru to reconsider his position. Below is his statement. "Dear Delta APC leaders and faithfuls. My attention has been drawn to the press releases stated to be authored by some of  our respected leaders, for example  Chief Great Ogboru. The primary thrust of these releases are to the effect that the committees were constituted without consultation with party leaders and as such until such consultation is done and leaders inputs made, the proposed list and planned inauguration should be suspended or jettisoned entirely! Chief Ogboru even went further to demand for the National Working Committee ( NWC ) to broker a Leaders meeting where the committee lists will be generated and agreed! As the Chairman of the Party in the State, I'm very conscious of my duties and responsibilities to leaders and other party faithfuls. And particularly in this period when we are just emerging from a protracted crisis, I'm even more sensitive to the concerns of all and in particular to the tenets of the Abuja resolutions which gave rise to the existing newborn peace. It is in this regards that i find it appropriate to make a statement on the concerns expressed by these leaders. I believe it is not in any dispute that the leaders know that the responsibility to constitute party committees is solely that of the Exco of the Party. Not only this, article 7 of the adopted Abuja peace resolutions states as follows: " That in line with the party's constitution and in order to expand participation by all party faithfuls, the Exco SHALL URGENTLY proceed to constitute and inaugurate all constitutional organs of the Party. In this wise, the membership of the Delta State Caucus of APC was reviewed and adopted for immediate inauguration. The State Exco is to PROCEED to constitute other organs including the Zonal Committees and LGA Caucuses and inaugurate same as soon possible." Even with the above evidences the Exco's sole authority, I as Chairman was quite conscious that in the interest of peace and inclusiveness and in tandem with my commitments under article 8 of the peace resolutions, I'm required to consult widely and carry along the Party leaders in an exercise of this nature! And indeed, I did consult widely! I consulted all leaders that were members of the erstwhile Leaders Council and even others who were not. In particular, I discussed and sent follow up texts to  Chief Ogboru and other leaders to send in names of persons to use in populating the committees. I did receive  names from Chief Enuha and other leaders. Unfortunately, Chief Ogboru refused to send in any names! Indeed, he also strangely, requested that I do not publish his name as a member of the State Caucus. I could not understand why but I do know that, even after the Abuja resolutions, Chief Ogboru was still of the view that his Light of Labour group should be entitled to a minimum of 35% composition in any party organ to be constituted! I did not know how he thinks this can be achieved with the number of leaders and groups that now form APC  Delta! Indeed, despite not sending in his list, in the interest of carrying along the Light of Labour group, i sourced and got so many of Chief Ogboru's lieutenants to include in the committees not only as members but as Committee Chairmen and Secretaries! In truth I believe I carried all leaders along in this exercise as much as possible including our two foremost leaders, HM Dr Ibe Kachikwu and Olorogun O'tega Emerhor, OON. Indeed I have received accolades and support from so many leaders and key stakeholders whom have hailed the composition of the committees as all embracing and a model of inclusiveness! Also quite a number of leaders and stakeholders, while announcing their support, have however pointed out some glaring omissions that required corrections.  In the spirit of fairness I have encouraged such leaders and individuals to avail me of names to be added for completion. Until the inauguration, this window remains open! I must go further here to appeal to my leaders particularly, Chief Ogboru to reconsider his stance and to give the budding peace a chance! The APC Train has remained stuck at the station for to long and it is time for all leaders and faithfuls with the interest of the Party at heart to board and allow the train to move on! Committees can always be expanded or reconstituted. We cannot continue to run to Abuja and hand over our sovereignty to to the NWC to come and solve our everyday problems for us. We cannot continue to promote simple day to day political issues into crisis just to draw the attention of the National Exco. The other issues raised are already being attended to and should not hold us back. All SWC members that were suspended including Mr AS Mene have been recalled to their duty post. The peace resolutions did not extend to suspended LGA chairmen but even at that, the SWC have started looking  into such cases. One of such issue is already addressed and one  LGA out of 25 cannot and should not be the basis to hold down or hold back the Party from moving at this time! In conclusion, let me passionately appeal to all my leaders to allow for trust and togetherness, to give the SWC their support and some benefit of doubt knowing that as human, we will make honest mistakes sometimes! I also appeal that leaders should hold back from rushing to the press in order not to escalate issues into bigger problems. I shall remain accessible and willing to discuss issues with leaders to achieve win win solutions! I therefore further appeal that no leader absent himself or his supporters from the scheduled inaugurations taking place in Asaba on Friday 4th 2017. Thank you in the service of APC Delta State. Prophet Jones Ode Erhue State Chairman APC Delta
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