The Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, Mr Garba Umar, has attributed the gunmen attack on St. Philips Catholic Church in Ozubulu to a ‘gang war’. At least 11 persons were said to have been killed while several others were left injured in the attack which occurred during an early morning mass on Sunday. The Police Commissioner, who condemned the attack as sacrilege, noted that the shooting was a reprisal attack after the perpetrators traced their victim to the church.   He said: “Information revealed that this (attack) is not unconnected to a kind of a ‘gang war’ between indigenes of the state – the children of the same village – who are engaged in a warfare outside Nigeria, precisely in South Africa; there were killings earlier and this is a reprisal attack. “They (the gunmen) went to the church where he (the victim) was suspected to be undergoing the process of worship; the assassins fired and killed some people and that is the situation”. Mr Umar told Channels Television that the church authority, however, confirmed the death of the victim’s father during the attack. He assured the public that the gunmen would be arrested soon, saying the police have gathered adequate information to help them apprehend the suspects. “One significant point I would like to mention is that the father of the person they were looking for was killed and that is a confirmation from the church. We have an information which we are working on so that we can get those guys. “The person whom they were looking for was the person that built the church and he has other churches that he has built and in order to forestall any further attack, we were able to secure those churches that he built. “The most important thing is to get those (people) who committed the offence and we are working on that. We have enough intelligence information that will lead to their arrest and very soon, arrests will be made”, the Police Commissioner added. But in a reaction, former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode accused the Anambra State government of trying to shield the real identities of those who carried the attack on the innocent worshippers in the Church.
He alleged that the attack was carried a day after the Arewa Youths called for mass murder of Igbos across the North. Kayode said this on his official Facebook page on Sunday. His words, "The horrific events in Ozubulu town in Anambra state that took place today are shocking and barbaric. Dozens of worshippers slaughtered in the Church and at the alter by unknown masked gunmen.
"I do not buy the Fulani Commissioner of Police's version of events. He finished his investigation in record time and just a few minutes after the event he told us that those behind the attack were Igbos that were involved in a communal struggle which has its roots in South Africa.
"I smell a rat here and I suspect that the government is trying to cover up the truth.
"Until they show me the evidence I remain skeptical about the Commissioner's assertion.
"I believe that the usual suspects are behind these killings and the fact that they were carried out in a Church just one day after the Hausa song that called for the mass murder of Igbos was released all over the north is relevant and noteworthy.
"Anyone that doubts that should read the lyrics of that shameful song and hear what those it was written by instructed their people to do.
"This country has become ungovernable and I put the blame squarly on the shoulders of the Buhari/Osinbajo government who have encouraged this godless barbarity by refusing to arrest the Fulani herdsmen that have been butchering innocent people all over the country.
"They have also refused to apprehend the Arewa youths who have openly threatened the Igbo with genocide if they don't leave the north by Oct. 1st..
May God deliver Nigeria!
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