Despite attempts to disrupt the APC primaries in Uvwie Local Government Council(ULGC), Mr. Uforma Okenini emerged as the party's candidate for  the forthcoming Local Government(LG) election. The primaries which was to hold at Ogbe primary school was moved at the last minute to Mosheshe Eatate after security reports that some political thugs might cause mayhem Speaking later to reporters, Mr. Okenini promised that if elected as LG Chairman, one of his priority was to ensure peace and security, because the APC believed that if this was achieved investors return to the local government council, as Uvwie was strategically located. "We will ensure that everybody will have something good to say about the local government council." "We have going to embark on massive training of our youths.There will a public and private partnership to ensure that all the youths are trained and retrained and we will ensure we set them up "We are going to bring in federal government presence to promote agriculture in the area. We are going to use the land in Ohore, as Uvwie is currently urbanized. We are going to see how we can partner with private sector to set up farm settlement in Uvwie "A lot of companies have left Uvwie due to crisis in the area, but we will try to bring them back after we have achieve peace and we will ensure that we educate them that there is now peace in Uvwie, as there is now a new, purposeful administration in Uvwie. We will bring the communication gap between the local government and private sector. We will also ensure a clean enivronment in Uvwie. "We will also put a final end to encroachment of Uvwie land by partnering with opinion leader of the community. On payment of salaries we will endeavour to get bail out from federal government and other partners by increasing internally generated revenue      

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