The journey of Senator Yele Omogunwa to the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, was never a smooth journey coupled with series of controversies, starting from the intra party crises within the People Democratic Party after the amalgamation of the old Labour Party and the old PDP.

During the electioneering campaign and the change mantra tsunami eruption, amongst the three Senatorial candidates in the Ondo State, Pastor Yele Omogunwa was the least expected to emerge, because other two were sitting Senators who want to be returned to the chamber. But when God is with you, majority will show you Divine favour.

Yele's emergence as a senator was an act of God which no man can comprehend.

After the emergence, the real battle unfolds itself as Pastor Yele Omogunwa, now Senator (Pastor) Yele Omogunwa contends with series of court cases filed by his co contender in the same party. Amongst the co contenders are Oba Akingboye and the grassroots honourable, Hon. Agboola Ajayi (now the Deputy Governor of Ondo State) who were PDP members then.

The tribunal case filed against Yele by Morayo Lebi is not left out as the government in power then try to upturn the peoples mandate. But we give God all the glory. Little did anyone know that Senator Yele has been working for his lawyers since he assume office as a Senator with over 80million spent so far on both tribunal and other cases.

As if that is not enough, the people of his constituent now adjudged him as inaccessible person. But that is far from the truth. If opportune to be with him, you will feel sorry for him due to avalanche of calls he receives and people he respond to on daily basis. As the Deputy Chairman, National  Planning and Economic Affairs and member of Senate Committee on Ethics Privileges and Public Petitions, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Senate Committee on Niger Delta, Senate Committee on Agricultural and Rural Development, and Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and Tetfund, the big question now is; who are those he has been attending to? Are they not Nigerians? Are they not from Ondo State? Are they not from Ondo Southern Senatorial district?

How can a man have a rest of mind after two years in the Senate aside his official assignments still battling with his fellow brothers in courts. Let us all appeal to those behind the litigations to sheath  their swords and  allow Yele have concentration to face the business of the senate appropriately.

Finally, the electorate should please see him as one of them and use all available avenues created to reach out to Senator Yele Omogunwa with ideas and suggestive piece that would bring development to our district. Also we appeal to those behind those litigations to withdraw because Ija O'DOLA ( fight does not bring riches). This is time to build and not to destroy.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.


Yele Omogunwa Support Group

28th October, 2017.
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