The acclaimed prosperity agenda of the Okowa led administration has turned a thorn on the flesh of the good people of the state.

Despite huge allocation coming to the state from  the federal government and internally generated revenue, the state still faces series of underdevelopment.

The okowa government lacks focus  and concentration on human capital development.

It is no longer news of how the outgoing governor plundered the state's wealth in the name of  and STEP programme, a programme which has contributed nothing to the good people of the state neither has it taken unemployed youths from the streets of the state.

On Education, this administration is incomparable with previous administration as okowa has gotten one defect or the other. He has kept on increasing and introducing unsurmountable fees at government  primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

Okowa stopped free WAEC enrollment for secondary schools, he introduced collections of the huge sum of #3,500 as admission fees in public secondary schools, thereby depriving the less privileged from attaining formal education with their peer groups.

Dilapidated structures and unavailability of seats in our schools is none of okowa's business.

Where has Deltans wronged Okowa?

While other states like Kebbi with low allocation are investing on gigantic projects to provide jobs for its teaming youths, Delta state governor is busy chasing shadows.

The loopholes in the okowa administration is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

Okowa gave Deltans a shocker when Dr. Cairo Ojuogbo revealed the ineptitude of okowa who was running a state with a blank budget. Till date, okowa is still in search of the detailed 2017 budget of the state.

Delta internally generated revenue can be boosted if only okowa has good intention for the state but he is concentrating on plundering the state into more debt just the way the national treasury was emptied during the PDP administration at the federal level.

Our local government workers are languishing and suffering as their matter is no longer his matter. Some of them have not received their salary in the past one year.

This man needs to be educated on good governance as he lacks necessary requisites to govern the state.

Deltans should not  be weary or bothered by the antics of this man, as the APC in the state is on course to take over the state in 2019 so as to make life better for Deltans.

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