If Niger Deltans and her leaders are sincere about the Niger Delta struggle and truly want the Niger Delta story to change, this is my opinion:

OPTION A  1. All serving national Assembly Representatives and Senators of Niger Delta origin should come back home and denounce their seats. 2. All governors and state government executive council members of Niger Delta origin should denounce their  offices.

3. All Ministers from the Niger Delta should resign and reject their portfolios.

4. All heads of parastatals from the Niger Delta if there is any should resign and reject their offices.

5. All military heads, military men and women from the Niger Delta should denounce their oath.

6. All local government council chairmen and councilors should denounce their offices and come back home.

7. The masses of Niger Delta should boycott all elections of Nigeria from the national to the state and local government areas.

If Niger Deltans and their leaders cannot carryout the above steps, I still suggest the following: OPTION B  1. Stop operation red economy. We are the ones suffering from the devastation and damages.

2. Sensitize all Niger Deltans (not one ethnic group) on the goals and objectives of the Niger Delta Struggle.

3. Campaign against bad leadership in the Niger Delta starting from community leadership to the National level.

4. Stop communal, tribal and ethnic wars among Niger Deltans. Niger Deltans must unite.

5. Our politicians and leaders must stop building Jungle Lords, Sex workers, ghetto kings and Queens,  sea pirates and dignified oil bunkers but start to build historians, Doctors, Scientists, Writers, Engineers, Lawyers etc.

6. Our Leaders, business men and women should start building industries, Markets, manufacturing companies, Refinaries, Schools, Medical Centers etc in the Niger Delta.

7. Form a Niger Delta unifying political party that will protect her interest nationally, state and the grass-root.

I think these are the limited options we have as a people, if indeed we have a struggle. The "Option A" is not a call to violence. It is called a protest. An hunger strike. It is a clear statement of "we are tired of suffering and smiling with you". The "Option B" is simply; "addressing your problems by yourself" At this time, what we need is not "The return of Avengers" but "The return of sober reflection on ourselves". We need more Niger Deltans home and abroad to understand and key into whatever vision some persons have for Niger Delta. We cannot be claiming we are fighting for Niger Delta and majority of Niger Deltans are either in the dark or against the gospel and the preacher. To survive this our sad story, I don't think we need Avengers. We are avenging on behalf of Niger Delta but we are comfortable with the tsunamic stealing presently devouring the Niger Delta, being perpetuated  by Niger Delta leaders. We should first address the issue of bad leadership in the Niger Delta before going out to avenge. The last time Avengers came, it came with its own destruction and devastation of our already devastated creeks and communities. We are yet to forget the pains it brought to us. While Our homes are still occupied by the military and while we are still mourning our youngmen and women that lost their lives, our leaders are continuously enjoying security votes from the menace. How can we claim we are fighting an enemy and still dine and wine together with the enemy? How can we be sleeping in the same bed with our perceived enemy? How can we continuously claim we are fighting an enemy and continuously share warm handshakes, tender kisses and breathtaking smiles with such enemy? Avengers cannot be avenging on behalf of Niger Delta against our perceived enemy "The Nigerian Government" and we still have Niger Deltans sitting comfortably as ministers, governors, senators, House of Rep members, Local Government Chairmen, military men still parading with the oath of Nigeria and Niger Deltans still voting in a Nigerian election. Personally, I think something is amiss here. If you are not for me... I am not for you. It is that simple. Anything contrary would simply inform of a demonic politics targeted at innocent masses in the guise of fighting for freedom while there is a secret marriage between the Nigerian State (The oppressor) and Our leaders and warriors (internal collaborators). God bless us. Comr Yangaboy Jonathan Erekedoumene. A commentator, Commenting on the Return of Niger Delta Avengers. God Spoke and I listened.


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