By Samson Akpomiemie: The leading APC Governorship hopeful in Delta State, OLOROGUN Great Ovedje Ogboru reiterated his commitment to initiate impacting programs that would ensure and guaranty social security and the overall well-being of Deltans and generations unborn.
He made this known while receiving the famous pressure group (OGBORUISM) in his country home in Abraka.
According to the people's general as he's fondly called, 'it's the principles a man holds and believes in, that defines him. Thus, he encouraged them not to see Ogboruism as a pressure group owned by him, but and an ideology they believe in and stand for.
According to Chief Ogboru, it is very obvious to all, that the PDP government in Delta State has continually failed Deltans in all successive administrations in the past eighteen years (18yrs), in all ramification or in any way you can think of it, thus encouraging immorality and other social vices connected therein among our youths. And by implication, moral values loss,and laws are habitually broken, endangering the lives of Deltans instead of improving our lives.
Chief Ogboru pointed out lack of government willpower,  as one of the many reasons why Delta has deteriorates this bad.
In his words, Chief Ogboru said, "I will initiate programs that will ameliorate the sufferings the Okowa/PDP led administration has inflicted on the people of Delta" Chief Ogboru who decries the poor sanitary state of Delta, assures the people of plans and strategies he has put in place to sanitise the environment and make Delta a role model to other states, as he said a thirty environment, apart from being a health hazard, it demeans the human psych and retards our ability to Concentrate and reason deep, while a healthy and neat environment, creates an enabling atmosphere for the human mind to think deep, creating lofty ideas  and innovations.
In another development, the Director of Media, Light of APC, Delta State, Hon. Elvis Ayomanor, who was with the People's General to receive members of Ogboruism, worldwide, encouraged the people not to see Ogboruism as a group, but an ideology, that is born of our hunger for a better life as Deltans. Hon. Ayomanor who described Chief Great Ogboru as the Lion of Delta State, told members of Ogboruism to copy the likes of Late Chief Adedibo and other Awoist, who saw Awoism as their lives. He likened Chief Ogboru to the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He enjoined all Ogboruists to see Ogboruism as a way of life, an ideology that stands for good governance, truth, equity and justice.
According to Hon. Ayomanor, you don't have to announce it, just live it, Ogboruism is our normal lifestyle. Think Ogboruism, talk Ogboruism, act Ogboruism, it's the truth, it's justice for all, it's a better life, it's in you.

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