Fidel Castro of Cuban while writing on freedom postulated as follows: "He who takes too much from you and gives you a little is an oppressor ".
Again late Gaddafi of Libya further substantiated this point when he said, "Man's freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man's enslavement of man".
Yes Castro and Gaddafi were right in their assertions. As people from riverine communities in Delta State, people have taken too much from us and giving us not even little but nothing.
It is actually people that controls what we need, and our needs are not even given to us, we have been enslaved beyond limit that not little is given to us. We have been so oppressed this time from within.
As an advocate of good governance, these words reminiscing on freedom from philosophical leaders mentioned above, are not to be taken lightly, they have tactically captured our present predicament in Delta State, with particular regards to riverine communities.
Over the years, our wishes had been strategically imprisoned, our sensitive yearnings and aspirations not attended to, and we have been thrown into a political cage to be perpetual subalterns.
Our leaders have actually been treacherous and have played too much politics on the development of our places, this in itself is another form of political enslavement and falls under what new generational writers called "recolonisation ".
Now this is the trick, while our focus has been the emancipation of the Niger Delta region by particularly shifting all our strength and attention to the federal government, our various state governments withing the Niger Delta, particularly Delta State under Okowa is silently milking us dry with his prosperity mantra that is fast becoming a decoy.
The question is, if we are fighting the federal government which of course needs to prioritise our development being the backbone of the nation's economy, what then are our state governors doing on their own to deliver effective leadership, particularly  Delta?.
It is very shameful that riverine communities in Delta are terribly suffering and receiving double oppression.
The double oppression I mean is that, while we hardly see Federal Government presence in our areas, so the statement government and the story is same if not worse from the Local Government leaderships who always complain about state governors starving them with doctored monthly allocations.
I believe that if state government is working, the burden on the federal government will even be lesser. I wondered what has happened to Delta since the emergence of Okowa?
DESOPADEC is also dead, local governments in a finished state, average living condition of the people is now hellish, hunger and poverty everywhere, the unbridled war between Aladja, Isaba, Ogbe-Ijoh in Warri South West and Udu Local Government Areas of Delta State remained unattended to and what have you.
I am  beginning to think that our real enemy is not even the federal government but the state, it has become very limpid to us owing to the activities of our supposed leaders, we have been hoodwinked and castrated politically for too long.
In fact there comes a time even in the life of this Okowa's regime that a whole state budget do not contain any project in Burutu Local Government Area, in the case of Warri South West, Bomadi, Patani were just skeletal projects that if put together are not even up to one project in the Governor's area.
That was the first time, It done on me and other good spirited apostles of change that this  administration is really out for us.
As far as I am concerned, the Ogbe-Ide bridge in Ayakoromo, Burutu Local Government Area is yet to commence under his watch, a project that was receiving state attention was neglected with very strange theories.
Again, the so called prosperity government reportedly awarded road projects in Burutu, Sokebolou/Obotobo roads including the one in Gbaramatu yet these projects are struggling with the pressure of abandonment.
The average living condition of the people remain abysmally poor, our decaying educational structures are ebbing away without no refurbishing attention.
Come to think of it, are the riverine communities in Delta State  really forbidden never to experience progress, happiness and sustainable development in the  area like their counterparts in the urban under Okowa?
If third mainland bridge can be constructed in Lagos, we doubt why we are not entitled to a healthy life in this part of the state, we are a jaded people owing to the horrific political experiences that we have been forcefully subjected to face.
Okowa must begin to prioritize the development of these riverine communities and get in touch with the youths by addressing these issues otherwise, it will happen like a flash light, revolution is brewing.
Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill, a Niger Delta activist writes from Burutu Community, Delta State.
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