First off, my closest allies are pro-Atiku. Also, as a PDP supporter, I would be supporting whomever PDP hands their flag. Also note that I find Atiku to be a more intelligent, modern and thinking leader that Buhari in ten lifetimes can ever be. I see Atiku as no worse than Tinubu, Orji Uzor Kalu, James Ibori and almost every other leader including Buhari when it comes to corruption. Because he was able to utilize his position as BPE head under Obasanjo's nose to get he and his friends to buy up Nigeria's property we were privatizing does not make him more corrupt than 99.9 percent of politicians we all hero-worship today. Atiku is considered corrupt because Obasanjo told us so. Obasanjo did not tell us how he got to own a whole town called Otta Farms with military salary. So my post is not about Atiku's reputation, but an ice-in-my-veins, nicotine-in-my-system, clear-eyed analyses of what Atiku brings to the table that PDP should hand him their ticket.

Speaking of ticket, Tinubu did not hand Buhari APC ticket just because he likes Buhari's cows. He chose Buhari because Buhari brings to the table millions of almajiri and Muslim voters. In the three times Buhari has run, by whichever party, Buhari has had between 12 million plus votes twice (vs Obasanjo and Jonathan) and 6 million only when he ran against Yar Adua, the Sokoto Caliphate Blue-Blood scion. Tinubu knew that all he had to add was to switch a sizeable amount of Yoruba votes from Jonathan and or ensure people hated Jonathan's government enough to stay at home (vote count for PDP fell from the above twenty million both Obasanjo and Jonathan had vs Buhari to twelve million for Jonathan and 15 for Buhari) they could win.


Truth is Atiku is an elite favourite. We all know he can call on the Iboris and Ben Bruces and so many top politicians. But where can we say is his GRASSROOTS BASE? Adamawa is not a populous state. Should Kwankwaso settle with the incumbent in Kano, Kwankwaso starts off with 3 million votes. How many does Atiku start off with?

The truth is that Atiku is generally popular/notorious but no region calls him "OUR OWN" as the East and South South calls Jonathan theirs, or as the West considers Tinubu, or as the North considers Buhari.

So can we say Atiku is a politician without a strong recognizable base?

Truth is, Atiku is counting on the Iboris and Jonathans and Fayoses and Dino Malayes and Tambuwals and Sarakis and Kwankwasos and Peter Obis and Babangidas to DELIVER THEIR SUPPORTERS to him. He is not the OWNER of these votes as Buhari is the owner of Almajiri votes. In fact, his SHEHU YAR'ADUA POLITICAL STRUCTURE which he served faithfully and inherited after Shehu's death under Abacha, Obasanjo easily converted it to Shehu's younger brother's Umaru's which ensured Umaru succeeded Obasanjo. Has Atiku gotten it back?

Those who doubt this postulation can sit back and think how voters follow Buhari from ANPP to CPC and then to APC seamlessly. How many voters is Atiku bringing to PDP?

Atiku, by coming to PDP, is banking on INHERITING us PDP supporters, many of whom are South-south and South East. He knows we will rather squat and defecate on our ballot paper and eat the ballot with the faeces on it than give it to Buhari. The mantra already on is "anybody but Buha

Anybody but Buhari, if that is our reason for picking a presidential candidate, WHY THEN SHOULD IT BE ATIKU? What has he done for us to deserve such REWARD? Leaving us at the earliest prodding and financing opponents against us...sorry, against PDP? If he does not bring millions of voters by default, why should he be our Northerner/Fulani of choice? Why not Sanusi Lamido who stood with PDP and the south at a time even PDP chairman, M'Uazu was playing games? Why not Sule Lamido who told us in Lagos that Northerners are voting Buhari because he is Northern and what Buhari is telling them in the North is not what he is saying in the south. Why not support and REWARD a TRUSTED and DEPENDABLE Sule Lamido, who despite prosecution, did not cross to APC, but has stood faithfully with PDP?

NO. I am not supporting Sule Lamido . This is HONEST ENAlysis, pure and simple.

Pure and simple soothsaying is that a Tambuwal, should he decamp from APC comes with the blessing of the caliphate by default, unlike Atiku who does not seem trusted or vehemently supported by them. Is it because many say Atiku is not really Fulani? We can never tell. Rumours abound. But of course, Tambuwal is APC and we cannot be wishing for another man's woman. We must look within and those willing to come.

James-Dogara Gamu, a Northern Christian and APC supporter has asked why PDP cannot pick either a Christian Northerner or someone from North Central, like David mark with his military background (ex-military still remain the ruling class). He asks why we should just hand this ticket to Atiku. He says we are capitulating to Fulani dominance and overlordship by pitting Fulani vs Fulani. To me, that is not the issue. My issue is HOW MANY FULANIS AND NORTHERNERS CAN ATIKU PILFER FROM BUHARI? Yes many of the almajiris have sworn not to vote Buhari because of the HUNGER. But if the almajiris are hungry and will also vote ANYTHING BUT THIS HUNGER, why then offer them Atiku when anyone we offer will receive same ANGER/FRUSTRATION VOTE?

And those who talk about Atiku's wealth as an advantage to PDP should CALM DOWN!!! I can already see Gov Okowa of Delta State heading the PDP Convention and Wike of Rivers determined to install the party chairman. These two governors are not being picked because they brush their teeth very well. Everyone knows these two states will bankroll the PDP presidential challenge. Atiku and his money is small fry when ALLOCATION is involved. Ibori put in Yar"Adua. Amaechi put in Buhari. OIL MONEY will talk and many will CALM DOWN.

In truth, PDP stands in a good stead to run against APC. They have two regions (south south and south East) going NOWHERE. They have the Middle Belt who are ANGRY at BUhari and his HERDSMEN. They have many many Yorubas who now know Buhari will not die for Osinbajo to become president. Osinbajo does not have Jonathan's fortune. Plusvil men like Buhari live very long. Ask Mugabe. They (Yorubas) have come to see that Buhari is all about his MUSLIM NORTH. There are angry votes to be picked up. Plus the hunger and anger around Nigeria is PALPABLE.

So why must it be ATIKU that should inherit this structure that is good and ready to FIRE?

I do not get it. What does he bring to the table to deserve THE REWARD OF THE PDP TICKET?

No be quarrel or anti-Atiku, na question I dey ask. Think well then reply intelligently.

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