There has always been a hot debate as to whether or not God exists! Any man who observes the order and creativity in the universe, the order of its planets, and its benevolence in apportioning the right quantities of food, air and water to its inhabitants, has no choice than to believe that all these gifts are part of a commendable magnanimity. Many of such men must observe that from the deepest recesses of their bodies, the pores of their skin, to the very hairs on their heads, these are provided by a benevolence that may be hard to explain.
Therefore, when men ponder about this order in the universe, the regularity of its cycles of night and day, men can only reckon with the hypothesis that there must be a “Master Mind” at work. And this “Master-Mind” is called God.
However, amongst the billions of persons who do believe in God, there are millions of different opinions about Who this God actually is, and how He operates.
In the first group of men, these declare that no God exists! Such men are called “atheists.” In spite of the extreme views of such a group, they should not be maligned, as the constitution of most countries professes a right for any man to practice (or not to practice) his own religion.
According to the atheist, Creation came into being by an explosion described as “ The Big Bang! ”After this “Big Bang”, everything suddenly came into existence! Just like that! That is how the atheist reckons is how Creation came into being.
There is the next group of men, which group believes in God, but is very critical about God’s performance. Such men make many claims in respect to their expectations of God. They complain that God has “let them down.” They complain that God cannot be trusted! In every earthquake, every hurricane, every tornado, mudslide, forest fire or flood, men argue as follows: “If God actually exists, why does He permit such things as war, disaster, earthquakes,flood, pestilence etc. to assail men.. Such persons feel that God exists only to provide for them, to entertain them. They feel that God should be at their “beck and call,” that God should feel honoured by His (God’s) being allowed to serve them (men). And so it goes on. These conceited notions extend more powerfully into what we can call the “religions” of men.(The word “religion” is used advisedly here, as it is for the want of a better word). Thus do billions of men believe that Almighty God sent down for their sake a “Saviour” who was to die for them on a cross! An entire cult has been formed based on this supposition. But this issue is surely a topic for another day!
The next group of men believe that there must be a “Creator”of the entire universe, which Creator provides the sustenance for every living thing. That is from the most magnificent solar planet, to the most insignificant blade of grass. This group additionally believes that there is complete order in the universe, and that there must be a God who must have created all these things. They also believe that the universe unravels under the auspices of unfailing Laws, which laws are variously described as the ”Law of Nature,” the “Law of Karma, the “Laws of Cause and Effect,” and the “Laws of Nemesis,” etc. They additionally believe that man is a creature in much the same way that any bird, or any spider, is also a creature of the universe. The only difference is that man have been given “dominion” over all the other creatures. This group of men additionally believes that men have been given the opportunity to make their own “decisions.” The group believes that in spite of the fact that men are given such liberties to make their own decisions, the same men are absolutely responsible for the effects of any of the decisions they have made. This group also believes that man is the master of his own fate. This group is brought to realise that the disasters that are now becoming more frequent all over the world, are precursors for earth’s entrance into a “New Age,” which age is variously described as“The New Age,” or the “Age of Aquarius.”
In setting man as the “Leader”of the creatures of the universe, there is the attribute of God that enables man to be free in his actions (or in-actions). This attribute that gives men the choice to make their own decisions is appropriately termed the “Free-Will” of man.
But to explain much of Nature, man needs to have his knowledge “extended.” from time to time in his development. The following words are therefore, in the main, addressed to persons who do believe in the existence of a God.
From the earliest times when the first human beings made an entrance into the world, Almighty God allowed the human beings to explore their new found environments. The human spirits were also able to undergo various experiences which made them mature. The human spirits were to progress in much the same way as a primary school pupil passes from class to class, and grade to grade. But men make their transitions through many reincarnational cycles. This means that after death, if it is necessary for their evolution, the same human beings could again be born again in any appropriate environment on earth, in any other part of the world, to continue in his spiritual pilgrimage. The aim of these repeated cycles is to bring the human spirits to such a higher level of maturity, that they are able to return to Paradise (which in normal parlance is called “heaven”). This Paradise is in any case the point origin of the respective human beings. Men had originally left their spiritual place in Paradise, and had journeyed fabulous distances to the earth where they were expected to mature from their manifold experiences.The problem is that with many a human spirit, such human beings became lost along the way. They became distracted by Dark Forces. And these negative experiences were major impediments that made the return of the human spirits to Paradise much harder, and in many cases impossible.
In His concern at the direction being taken by many of the human spirits, Almighty God sent to the earth many Teachers who were to “extend the knowledge” of the earth dwellers. Almighty God had in fact already previously formed a habit of sending Teachers and Prophets to men as such to “extend their knowledge.” Thus did God send Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster, John the Baptist, etc. To explain the Truths of Life to all of mankind. These powerful persons are referred to as “Fore-runners.” The Fore-runners were sent in advance of their Principals, to prepare the way for them. John the Baptist was sent as the Fore-runner of Jesus Christ. John the Baptist explained to the persons who surrounded him at the River Jordan, that he was merely a man who was preparing the way for one coming after him, the shoes of whom he was unworthy to unloose.
Thus many a believing Christian is expecting another Servant from God, (who they will believe will appear any time from now). The expected Personality that Christians expect will come, will be Jesus Christ Himself. In other words, Christians are expecting “The Second-Coming of Christ.” The validity or otherwise of this expectation is also surely a topic for another day.
The universe (and its earth) has now reached a climactic stage in its evolution, which stage is referred to as being the “ Great New Cosmic Turning-Point.” This “Cosmic Turning-Point” is as the time when the “end will return into the beginning.” It is the time for a “final reckoning.” It is referred to as “The End Times.”
The story of Jesus Christ is known to practically every man. Almighty God sent Christ to the earth for a particular purpose. The story of Christ’s encounter with His adversaries is also well known. He was obstructed by his adversaries at every turn. And finally He was arraigned before the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate.
But earlier in His Ministry Christ had explained to His detractors the actual purpose of his Mission on earth when He declared:
“Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.”
(Matt. 5:17).
In the present age humanity is urged to examine the writings of the Truth-Bringer of this time, who used his pen-name Abd ru shin. Abd ru shin bore the civil names Oscar Ernst Benhardt). Abd ru shin is able to bring clarity to the dark clouds of ignorance that have muddied the minds and thought processes of mankind. Abd ru shin has made his points clear in a 168 lecture treatise, which he has left as his legacy to this earth. This treatise is condensed into a book titled “The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth”. Abd ru shin addresses his Grail Message to every person who can be described as a true “seeker after Truth”. Abd ru shin therefore explains the expectations of Almighty God towards the human spirit.
There is no way to explain the euphoria that the human spirit can experience if it immerses itself into the chapters of this great work. In this work the actual purpose of man’s existence is laid bare. The work explains the actual relationship between man, Jesus Christ, and Almighty God Himself. And in the same way that Christ stated ”I am not come to destroy the law and the prophets,” Abd ru shin further clarifies:
“With my words I lead to God and also to Jesus! However , in a more vital way than has been known in the past, and not as people have trimmed it through their propensity for spiritual comfort.”
Abd ru shin continues:
“Jesus shall not be given up as the Son of God through my Message! He must be recognised as such all the more, but not as the servant and slave of a decayed humanity in order to carry their burden of guilt, or to redeem it so that they may have it easier!”
Abd ru shin concludes:
“The meaning and purpose of the Message from the Light through me in the fulfilment of God’s All-Holy Will is the necessary extension of the knowledge for mankind.”
(Believers Merely Out of Habit, pgs. 917/918 excerpted, The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).

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