When in preparation for my secondary school qualifying examinations I had to read the Gospel according to Mathew from start to finish, I was confronted with an account that showed that the Son of God faced acrimonious hostility from many detractors right from the start of His ministration till it ended in a gruesome crucifixion in chapter 27.
Then in chapter 28, Jesus who had suffered so much animosity and death from the hands of His enemies rose from the dead! In my childlike thinking , He now ought to go and see Caiaphas the high priest, the scribes and the elders and say to them: shame on you all; you family of vipers! You think you could stop me by arranging an unjust crucifixion. See me now; I am alive and well. Let the fight start afresh! But then, the story did not go this way. Instead, in the concluding chapter 28 of Mathew with just 20 verses, Jesus showed Himself to a select few and then commissioned them to teach all nations what He had taught them! What an anticlimax!
The other synoptic Gospels tell us how some people saw Jesus after the resurrection. We come across words to the effect that for these ones to see Jesus their eyes had to be specially “opened”. Then in each case the persons concerned did not know that the one they were seeing was Jesus until after some time. What does all these suggest?
Could it be the same physical body that Jesus used before the crucifixion that appeared after the resurrection? If yes, why was He not easily recognised by close followers again? Why did the resurrected Christ not continue physically engaging His detractors? Please note that this new body did not need to enter through doors; it simply appeared in locations open or enclosed! It vanished at will! And then, people’s eyes needed to be specially opened to see it. Finally, this body was able to ascend to Heaven! Can a physical body made up of flesh, blood and bones have all these attributes?
I have since sought and found answers to these questions. I am therefore convinced presently that Jesus the Son of God also required an earthly physical body in order to carry out His Mission on earth and such a body is only useful on earth and nowhere else. Such a physical body of flesh and blood was acquired by Jesus through His birth on earth. Such a body is not required in the Holy Abode of the Son of God from whence He came and to where He returned after His Mission! The resurrected body was therefore not of material substance but another body, a lighter one which is not physical or flesh. Christ’s physical body was acquired on earth for earthly use, belongs to the earth, and necessarily had to be left on earth after the departure of the Holy One! This also explains why contrary to my youthful thoughts earlier mentioned, the resurrected finer body of Jesus could not continue the physical engagement with his enemies.

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