The human body is such a remarkable mechanism, and It is remarkable in the way it “heals itself.” Whenever the body receives cuts and bruises, the blood corpuscles in the body weave a web about the cut, they seal it up, and thereby prevent a further leak of this precious blood.
In addition, when the body experiences a strain in one of its limbs or joints, quite by itself the body acts to heal itself from the inside, with the pain gradually reducing, until it is completely gone.
Over the years there has evolved the field of medicine, whose specialists are called “healers” or “doctors.”They have arisen to facilitate the healing processes in the body. But these healers can only work in concert with the forces of nature, and the healing potentials of the human body itself. Thus medicine as it is practiced merely renders additional assistance to the body’s healing potentials.
All these statements not-withstanding, let us turn our attention towards the earth in which we live. We will describe the earth as the ground beneath our feet, which ground includes the trees, forests, rivers and even the majestic oceans. We can also describe as belonging to earth, the habitations of the human beings, which consists of the cities, town, and houses beings. We include the habitations of animals as being their nests, burrows and other places of domicile.
Now it does not require much persuasion to conclude that the earth and its inhabitants today exist in a sorry state of much strife. What with the confusion, with the wars, the earthquakes, fires, diseases, landslides, hurricanes etc. there appears to be no respite in any corner of the globe! The situation appears to be more frightful because these calamities appear to get worse with every passing day!
It is because of these events that many conclude that these events are the precursors of the great prophecies in the Bible, variously described as “The Last Days,” “The End Times,” “Armageddon,” and “The Final Judgment.” But what exactly is going on? How will all these calamities proceed? How can these events be checked? Who can heal this distressed earth?
But explanations about these un-toward events can now be found on earth. Writing under the pen name Abd ru shin, (a German national bearing the civil names Oscar Ernst Bernhardt), has written a ground-breaking treatise titled “The Grail Message,In The Light of Truth.” This expose (which exists in book form), provides answers to the many questions that assail men. The expose spells out the relationship between men and Almighty God, thereby elucidating men’s purpose on this earth. The Grail Message provides the “where,” the “whither” and the “wherefore” of human life, and it deals with such intractable topics such as birth and death, incarnation and reincarnation, heaven and hell, fate and destiny.
Abd ru shin has explained that men were originally intended to experience a life of bliss on this earth, and he adds that the heartbreak and sorrow experienced by men were caused by men’s refusal to follow the very clear paths that were scheduled for him by Almighty God.Men were meant to be channels between God and all the other creatures,and to turn the earth into a Paradise. But as Abd ru shin explains, men omitted to fulfill this so critical role which was expected of them. Abd ru shin further explains that it is because of this failure that we have the sorry situation we experience in the world of today!
Abd ru shin further explains that when God created man, he created his brain in two parts, a front brain, and a smaller back brain. God scheduled for these brains to work together harmoniously. The hind brain of man is created to receive higher impressions and revelations, and then the hind brain is to forward these to the larger front brain, which then makes the higher impressions from the back brain more adaptable for coarser earthly utilisations.
The hind-brain is therefore expected to guide the fore-brain along luminous directions. But Abd ru shin explained that men on earth began to delve into evil paths when they tangled with, and interfered in, the harmonious roles of both brains. They did this by exercising the front brain more and more, to the neglect of the all important hind brain. This situation which propelled men on earth further and further along a path of evil.
But since this earth is after all a creation of Almighty God, is it not pertinent to ask the troubled question, that since God is the Creator of earth, can he not intervene directly to save it from the all-embracing chaos that envelops it? The answer to this questions is that God can save the earth, but that He must do so according to His all-embracing Laws. Evil cannot be simply swept aside, but it must develop, prosper, fruitify, and then ultimately and finally run itself into the ground, together with all its adepts and minions.
Besides God cannot be accused of being indifferent to this sadly deteriorating world. For centuries God has sent his Prophets, wise men, gurus, Truth-Bringers, Fore-runners etc. to earth to teach and to warn men to step aside from the inevitable paths they were pursuing, which paths would lead them to Darkness and damnation. Yet the majority of men would not hear. And finally God sent His “Only begotten Son,” Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to act as the final arbiter between Him and back-sliding mankind. But what happened? Men had the audacity to kill Jesus, and added the further affront to this, by calling this heinous crucifixion of Christ a necessary “sacrifice” scheduled by God Himself so as to be reconciled with men!
The Grail Message teaches that every man is permitted to nourish whichever nature of seed that he wishes, but that he is subject to the consequences of such a decision! Men who become sinners on earth, (such as murderers, counterfeiters, liars, confidence tricksters, adulterers, thieves, kidnappers etc.) will find out when they die, that they will go to a particular place especially designed for them in this Creation where they will find themselves with persons of the exact type as they are. In addition, such persons will inflict on these fellow sojourners the same exact type of evil as they habitually perpetrated on earth. The robbers in the beyond will therefore rob their follow robbers, and the murderers murder their fellow murderers. All this will rage passionately until the individual criminals would soon grow in disgust at their conditions, and would finally pray to God to release them from such a sickening environment! It is only at this point of restitution that the sinner will be slowly released upwards to the next available less oppressive environment.And his departure from these terrible planes would continue step by step as he further makes further interior amends, even if he takes decades and centuries to reach such a point.
Many persons despair at the ease with which criminals operate on earth. The pray that “the earthly Law” can apprehend such criminals, and they lament at the ease with which such criminals seem to escape. But such persons must realise that no criminal can escape the clutches of actual “Divine Justice,”whereby, either directly on this earth, or certainly in the beyond, where each criminally minded individual must render an account of his actions and inactions!
It is because of these measures, it is also already seen how God heals his earth, by meting out judgments to men sooner or later, here or hereafter. Men should not look with despairing eyes at the seeming fortunes of the wicked on earth. But they must realise that in God’s Creation every man will receive his just reward.
So it must be repeated that the “Hand of God” is not too short that it cannot stay the activity of evil men on earth. It is just that Divine Justice cannot also be noticed by men on earth who wrongly hastily conclude that escaped felons have also escaped the stern mills of God.
Thus it is seen that the earth itself possesses its self-cleansing device because the Light of the earth will always arise to fight the Darkness that emerges in it! And the Light will always ultimately arise victorious. The Biblical verse should be remembered which states:
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
(Galatians 6:7).
Finally Abd ru shin explains that all the chaos and confusion evident in the world can be described as being part of “The Great New Cosmic Turning-Point.” The events experienced therein are merely precursors of a period of great change, of a period of cleansing, and a period of purification. Abd ru shin writes:
“And the time has come when everything, everything that has hitherto taken place in the world, must be redeemed! What has been wrong, what is happening on earth today, not one word will remain unatoned for! This atonement is not reserved for a distant future, but is already place in the present time!
“Rejoice; for this Divine Justice is near! It is already working in every country on earth! Look at the confusion! This is the effect of the approaching Will of God! It is the setting-in of the purification!
“For this reason everything that is wrong among men is already now meeting with its doom, be it in economics, the state, politics, the churches, sects, peoples, families and also in the individual! Every kind of tribulation is increasing to the point of despair, until finally nothing remains but hopelessness!After murder and fire, starvation, pestilence and death, after man has recognised his own incapacity.The great upbuilding begins.
“Whatever it may be, whether plant or animal, whether mountains, streams, countries, states or man himself, all will collapse that cannot prove itself at the last moment to be genuine and willed by God!
(Submission, pgs. 153,154,155, 156, excerpted. The Grail Message of Abd ru shin).
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