In your state of extreme bitterness and myopia, you blame your Distinguished Senator for supporting President Buhari and you mischievously tried unsuccessfully to brandish President Buhari as a Fulani President and wondered why an Urhobo Senator would support a Fulani President.
While I agree that you are entitled to your opinion, you took a position of intolerance and sheer hatred by condemning the Distinguished Senator for exercising his inalienable right to freedom of association.
On the other hand, you failed to acknowledge that it is only morally right and natural for the Distinguished Senator to show support for President Buhari in view of the fact that under the Buhari-led administration, the Urhobo nation, which the Distinguished Senator represents, has gained so much from this administration through juicy Federal Appointments. Under the present administration, Urhobo nation has an Executive Director of Projects in the NDDC who has provided more infrastructures than the Delta State Government. Under the present administration, Urhobo nation has the following key Federal positions:
1. Executive Director (Business Development), NEXIM BANK.
2. Executive Director (Projects), NDDC.
3. Executive Director (Projects), Niger Delta River Basin Authority.
4. Federal Commissioner, National Population Commission.
5. National Institute of Transport Technology
6. Chairman, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)
7. Nigerian Ambassador to Vietnam
8. Several members of various boards in various Ministeries
9. We also have Urhobo sons and daughters as SAs to these appointees, just to name but a few.
Now, tell me why the Distinguished Senator should not support a President that has been of tremendous benefit to the Urhobo nation. Also, show me any President that appointed more Urhobo in his administration apart from President Buhari. We must learn to call a spade a spade!

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