Blackjack with a Live Dealer

Real human beings, or “dealers,” facilitate online blackjack games. If you enjoy the game of blackjack but don’t have the time to travel to a land-based casino, you can play at any of the casinos listed here featuring live dealers. The casino experience is brought directly to you via webcam, complete with real-life gaming tables and croupiers.

It’s hard to tell the difference between this and actually being in a casino. Real dealers and cards are provided through a live stream. Although the bets must be placed using the computer’s mouse and keyboard, the overall experience is remarkably close to that of playing at a real blackjack table.


You can interact with the dealers by talking to them while they deal the cards. The video at the bottom of the page shows the dealer mingling with the players, smiling and making small talk. The arrangement works out rather nicely.


Places to Have Fun

The following are some of my favorite online casinos offering live dealer games. The following gambling establishments are all highly regarded and backed by established brands in the industry. I’ve spent years working, playing, and recommending these places. (Accepted in the USA)

Bet365 Casino (Excluding US Players)

Aside from the recommended casinos here, there are a few others where you can play blackjack with a real dealer. These online casinos are ones I’ve used before and have full faith in. All of the aforementioned gambling establishments are trustworthy, offer quick cashouts, and accept a variety of popular payment ways. These are, without a doubt, the top venues for playing the game right now.


Positives and Negatives

There are benefits and drawbacks to playing blackjack with a live dealer. The fact that you can talk to actual people is undoubtedly the greatest benefit. Thanks to live streaming video, you can observe a real person distributing cards and paying out winners in real time. It’s the closest thing to playing blackjack in a real casino that you can get online.


The game moves at a far more glacial pace than standard internet blackjack. Blackjack with a live dealer is played at a table with other people, all of whom must make judgments. Time spent gambling at an online casino is comparable to time spent at a land-based casino. Playing standard online blackjack at your own table against a computer-controlled dealer makes for a significantly more rapid game.


The fact that it seems like a more cooperative effort is another plus. The pace of the game may be slower than at a land-based casino, but at least you may socialize with your fellow players. You can interact with the dealer, the other players, and cheer each other on. Playing with others is more “fulfilling” than alone play.


Prototype Video

I recorded this round of blackjack with a live dealer at Over the course of three minutes, we see the dealer shuffle the deck, take bets, and deal a hand of blackjack. The dealer appears calm and friendly while still maintaining his or her professional edge. is not a service I endorse at this time, however I found this movie to be amusing. I’ll see if I can remember to record a recommendation from one of my alternate gambling sites. is packed with exciting features. In any case, I think you’ll get the general notion from this.


I had trouble maintaining a decent quality YouTube video, but the point should be made. The video quality was far higher when I played at the casino on my PC. In case you were wondering, the video was shot using a blurry camera.


You can try your luck at 5Dimes or Bet365 Casino whenever you’re ready. Those are two of my top picks. For US players, 5Dimes is the best option, while Bet365 is the best option for everyone else.






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